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Passage,"The Strangers"

In the passage when Meursalt and Raymond were at the beach for there second time, and they see one of the Arabs, they had fought with.The author "Albert Camus", suggests that humans can be careless based on decisions. The protagonist is careless careless when he made the decision, with Raymond to fight the Arab again. Meursalt is showing that his not only careless but that he can also be a bad person.

When Meursalt and Raymond were at the beach, they had seen one of the Arab they had fought earlier. While Raymond and Meursalt were walking toward the Arab, Raymond was thinking on how he could start the fight, also asking Meursalt for suggestions. Raymond still walking toward Arab said to Meursalt, "so ill call him something and when he answers back ill let him have it, I answered right". Meursalt and Raymond's decision on what to do with he Arab were made, and it was not a good decision.

Meursalt didn't care much on what could happened to the Arab, if he could get hurt, or even killed. Meursalt made a selfish decision and could had been feeling mad, becouse of the death of his mother,Meursalt is mostly careless because of his emotions. Meursalt's emotions based on his mother's death made him careless and a little more evil.

The narrator shows that humans can really be careless based on decisions, and that also strong emotions can impact on how you might react to pressure, and how someone would make there decision. Albert Camus uses Meursalt'se decision and also feelings to demonstrate the readers how these feelings and decision can be important and be affect in our lives.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Independent Reading

In Jaime Adoff’s novel the “Death of Jayson Porter”, the main character named Jayson porter has strong feelings toward redressing, and it conflicts directly with Jayson wanting to change to a better life style. Jayson’s character shows that he is demoralized from his life style, meaning change is key for a better life for Jayson.
In the begging of the novel, one of jayson’s biggest mistakes is shown directly, telling us what happened after in the novel, as an after and before affect. The novel mostly is based in the part before that had happened through the story, where it shows Jayson’s life style, and his feeling toward living what he had live. Jayson had a step mother, who is the Antagonist of the novel. At first Jayson thought Lizzie, his step mother, was his real mom, every word Lizzie said to Jayson, even bad things, he would listen to them, as if it was from his real mother.
During the novel Jayson started to notice Lizzie was crazy, from all the time she beat him, form her crazy actions toward Jayson and also society. Jayson always wished for a better change, he always wanted to get along with Lizzie and live happy , or at least normally. Jayson felt bad for himself, he was never happy and not satisfied. The woman Jayson thought was his mom, was an alcoholic who stole his from his real mom, and his step father he called father, was a crack head. The only activity that cleared Jayson up was his summer school, his beast friend Trax and his girl friend.
It was bad enough for Jayson, and he still had no idea there was more to come. Jayson’s dad, or least the men Jayson thought was his father, told Jayson the secret about how there not his real parents. Jayon found out that Lizzie wasn’t his mom and that he had no father he also found out that Lizzie stole him from his real mother. Jayson entered in panic, and was closer to making a big mistake.
Jayson kept all the truth to him self, hating Lizzie thought the moment from beginning he found out to the end , trying to understand why such thing had happened to him. Jayson was going to his best friends house named Trax, and when he gets the he finds out he best friend had just died from meth. Jayson now in more pain than before wants the pain to go always and tries to do it by attempting suicide
Lucky Jayson survived the fall, he landed on the top of a car from the seventh storieand entered coma for about two days. Jayson imply just wanted a restart to a better life, and he achieved that. Jayson’s real mom heard the new on
Jayson attempt and found him, taking him away with her, giving Jayson a chance to redress and start a whole new begging to a new life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

College essay

College Essay

Throughout life we all go through a big life experience, that marked us forever. In this prompt I will tell you one of my life experiences that had a big impact in my life. Back to When I was about five years old in 1996, I was living in the U.S.A and my parents were going back to their country which was Brazil. I didn’t really understand what my parents really meant, but I taught It was just going to be like a trip and we were to going to back soon. I was really exited that I was going to another country, I remember telling everyone my neighbors, friends . I could not wait to get there, but what I didn’t know is that it was going to be for a real long period of time.
Every one already knew about our trip back to Brazil, I remember I would look at my parents and they would look worried, but at the time I didn’t understand that they were worried, they were thinking about how they just left and how the meeting with their families were going to be. I remember my mom telling me how much family I had, all the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc, but all I was thinking about was how it looked and how it was going to be once I got there. During the fligh was flying I was looking down out the window and I seen a whole different scenery I never seen before, that’s when I realized, I was in in my country. Right after I heard the pilot tell us, that we had arrived in Brazil. The air plane ride was about fifteen hours long all together, and we landed in airport of Sao Paulo.
Another city to go and we were in our hometown, called Belo Horizonte meaning Fine Horizon. I couldn’t wait to get there, the city that my mom and dad always talked about, the city that my parent had their childhood in. I was ready for it, I was ready to get there meet every single one of my family members, to see how life there was like, how people were. The pilot announces “we have arrived in Belo Horizonte” , all I could think In my head was, I cant believe it, were here. My mom and dad sill looked worried, while they were leaving the plain all I was doing was following them, trying to understand what was going on and where were we going next. We get to the baggage claim and we see one of our family members from my moms side, her sister, she sees my mom and gives her a big hug, greets my dad , then she looks over to me, grabs me and gives me a big hug, I remember her saying wow this is him, his so handsome, wow I cant believe this is him.
I was trying to understand why she grabbed me like that and why she said all those things to me, I was a little confused from her perspective of me, and I had no idea there was more of those similar reactions to come. We get to my moms sister car which was my aunt. My aunt was the one giving us a ride to where all of our family members were all together reunited, because of our arrival from the U.S. In the car I hear my parents and my aunt talking, they were ask my aunt how everyone was doing, if every one was ok?. Before we got to our destination, during the car ride I was observing every single little thing I could, I thought every thing was so different, the streets, the people, stores every thing was really different.
We get to my grandmothers house, where everyone is waiting for our arrival. I didn’t know anyone, but it seemed that everyone knew me. I was allover the place so many people going every where, saying hi to my mom and my dad, then right after they would come over to me and all I heard from most of them was, wow this is your son Erik, wow he looks amazing. Later on I go into the house by my self and I meet some of my cousins, they were playing video games and they started to talk to me and ask me how the United Stated was. I told my cousins everything about the U.S, all my cousins were really united to one another since they were born, and even do I never was there around with them, I didn’t fell excluded from the family.
I lived at brazil for about eight years, and I remember almost every day of it , how different and surprising every year was. At first when I arrived for about the first four months, I would tell my mom every day I wanted to go back home, that I wanted to go back to my school, go back to my bedroom, but it never mattered, my mom and dad made it clear, that were weren’t coming back. As a lived in brazil day by day I found out It wasn’t bad at all, and my life now was in Brazil, I was living a whole different culture and I adapted to it really quick.
My experience in Brazil changed me for the rest of my life, It was a whole life change in a matter of only days. Also this experience made me a different person than would I would of probably be if I had stayed in the U.S for all those years. There’s always life experiences that mark us forever and In my case my biggest life experience was going to Brazil and living an new life style.

"Plum Plum Pickers" essay

Plum Plum Pickers Essay
In The passage “Plum Plum Pickers, the author says that men are “built to experience a certain sense of honor or else there dead before they die”. The Authors Phrase shows the importance of a mean experiencing honor.
In Plum Plum Pickers it shows that Manuel, the picker, is a very hard worker. Manuel worked without complaining. Manuel didn’t care of what type of work he did, he worked hard during his job. The author Raymand Barrio’s, compares Manuel as a brute many times “the hot dry air sucking every drop of living moisture from his brute body”. The Reasson why Manuel is being compared as a brute is because of how hard he works and because of the type of job he had.
The comparisons the author made of Manuel, showed that Manuel was a strong worker and goes through his job beastly. The passage compares Manuel as automatic, because of the way he did his job. The author comparing Manuel to Brute or etc, show that his job and a big part of his life. Manuel’s hard work brings honor to his character, and to his job.
The author described how Manuel looked in his job, his description made Manuel’s character seem miserable. “the twigs tearing at his shirt sleeves”, “tiredness drained his spirit of will, exhaustion drained his mind”, “his fingers burned”. These quotes make it look like Manuel is miserable and he suffers from working so hard at his job. Even tough the author makes Manuel feel miserable, he has honor in him. Manuel stood up for him self against his boss, kicking the buckets of cots, defending him self and his workers, by saying no to Roberto Morales the boss, Roberto wanted to take some money of the workers day pay, but Manuel did not allow it.
Manuel showed self respect and courage for standing up for him self, protecting his honor by not letting his boos go on with his lies and dirty schemes. Roberto wanted what was promised to him and his workers. Even do Manuel is a miserable workers or does not have the perfect life, he experienced something important, something that shows who is really is, Manuel experienced what every man should experience in their life, experiencing honor.

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Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruege

In this picture I see many different things. One of the first thing I saw was a men with really old style clothing with a whip riding a horse o some short of hill. I see the sun rising and the reflection of the sun in the sea. I see many different types of colors, I see green from the trees I see yellow from the sun and the horses hair, I see gray from the cliffs and mountains, I see brown from the horse the ground, the dog, the stick the men, I see red from the undershirt o the men riding the horse, I see blue from the sea and the sky and the blue shirt of the men holding the stick, I see white from the clouds and from the clothes from the men by the sea. I also see lots of ships in the sea about four of them. I see cliffs, mountains a little island with a cliff and some trees . I see waves, I see plants next to the horse and near the edges of the cliff. I see a men holding a long stick, and a dog next to him and more animals surrounding him, looks like his trying to lead the heard. . I see a staircase up ahead in front of the horse going up steeply. I also see a men sitting by the cliff watching the sea wearing white, looks like his touching the pointing at the water. I see that far up ahead toward the left there is place with buildings , looks like a little city. I see leggings the men whore back in the days I see the men in red wearing a dress type thing. I see tile for a path, I see rock in the sea. I see a knife with a little pouch right next to it , on top of a flat type of rock. I see long braches coming out the side of the cliffs looks dry with little amount of leaves, I see more braches nest to the heard but not dry with many leaves and very green, I see a little and two skinny straight trees to the left of the heard, and a big tree in front of the horse and more trees up ahead the fist ship. I see that in the island there is also a whole in the cliff there must be a cave. I see grassy hills on the left, behind the big tree that’s leads to the city. I see the men’s footwear looks like some rounder type of boots. I see flags on top of the ship, a white flag with a symbol. I also see something a little unusual, looks like there is a men drowning next to the ship in front of the men looking at the sea ,he has both his feet upside down coming out of the water , the men that looks at the sea might see that that men is drowning.