Thursday, September 30, 2010

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus by Pieter Bruege

In this picture I see many different things. One of the first thing I saw was a men with really old style clothing with a whip riding a horse o some short of hill. I see the sun rising and the reflection of the sun in the sea. I see many different types of colors, I see green from the trees I see yellow from the sun and the horses hair, I see gray from the cliffs and mountains, I see brown from the horse the ground, the dog, the stick the men, I see red from the undershirt o the men riding the horse, I see blue from the sea and the sky and the blue shirt of the men holding the stick, I see white from the clouds and from the clothes from the men by the sea. I also see lots of ships in the sea about four of them. I see cliffs, mountains a little island with a cliff and some trees . I see waves, I see plants next to the horse and near the edges of the cliff. I see a men holding a long stick, and a dog next to him and more animals surrounding him, looks like his trying to lead the heard. . I see a staircase up ahead in front of the horse going up steeply. I also see a men sitting by the cliff watching the sea wearing white, looks like his touching the pointing at the water. I see that far up ahead toward the left there is place with buildings , looks like a little city. I see leggings the men whore back in the days I see the men in red wearing a dress type thing. I see tile for a path, I see rock in the sea. I see a knife with a little pouch right next to it , on top of a flat type of rock. I see long braches coming out the side of the cliffs looks dry with little amount of leaves, I see more braches nest to the heard but not dry with many leaves and very green, I see a little and two skinny straight trees to the left of the heard, and a big tree in front of the horse and more trees up ahead the fist ship. I see that in the island there is also a whole in the cliff there must be a cave. I see grassy hills on the left, behind the big tree that’s leads to the city. I see the men’s footwear looks like some rounder type of boots. I see flags on top of the ship, a white flag with a symbol. I also see something a little unusual, looks like there is a men drowning next to the ship in front of the men looking at the sea ,he has both his feet upside down coming out of the water , the men that looks at the sea might see that that men is drowning.

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