Thursday, November 4, 2010

Independent Reading

In Jaime Adoff’s novel the “Death of Jayson Porter”, the main character named Jayson porter has strong feelings toward redressing, and it conflicts directly with Jayson wanting to change to a better life style. Jayson’s character shows that he is demoralized from his life style, meaning change is key for a better life for Jayson.
In the begging of the novel, one of jayson’s biggest mistakes is shown directly, telling us what happened after in the novel, as an after and before affect. The novel mostly is based in the part before that had happened through the story, where it shows Jayson’s life style, and his feeling toward living what he had live. Jayson had a step mother, who is the Antagonist of the novel. At first Jayson thought Lizzie, his step mother, was his real mom, every word Lizzie said to Jayson, even bad things, he would listen to them, as if it was from his real mother.
During the novel Jayson started to notice Lizzie was crazy, from all the time she beat him, form her crazy actions toward Jayson and also society. Jayson always wished for a better change, he always wanted to get along with Lizzie and live happy , or at least normally. Jayson felt bad for himself, he was never happy and not satisfied. The woman Jayson thought was his mom, was an alcoholic who stole his from his real mom, and his step father he called father, was a crack head. The only activity that cleared Jayson up was his summer school, his beast friend Trax and his girl friend.
It was bad enough for Jayson, and he still had no idea there was more to come. Jayson’s dad, or least the men Jayson thought was his father, told Jayson the secret about how there not his real parents. Jayon found out that Lizzie wasn’t his mom and that he had no father he also found out that Lizzie stole him from his real mother. Jayson entered in panic, and was closer to making a big mistake.
Jayson kept all the truth to him self, hating Lizzie thought the moment from beginning he found out to the end , trying to understand why such thing had happened to him. Jayson was going to his best friends house named Trax, and when he gets the he finds out he best friend had just died from meth. Jayson now in more pain than before wants the pain to go always and tries to do it by attempting suicide
Lucky Jayson survived the fall, he landed on the top of a car from the seventh storieand entered coma for about two days. Jayson imply just wanted a restart to a better life, and he achieved that. Jayson’s real mom heard the new on
Jayson attempt and found him, taking him away with her, giving Jayson a chance to redress and start a whole new begging to a new life.

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