Monday, November 22, 2010

Passage,"The Strangers"

In the passage when Meursalt and Raymond were at the beach for there second time, and they see one of the Arabs, they had fought with.The author "Albert Camus", suggests that humans can be careless based on decisions. The protagonist is careless careless when he made the decision, with Raymond to fight the Arab again. Meursalt is showing that his not only careless but that he can also be a bad person.

When Meursalt and Raymond were at the beach, they had seen one of the Arab they had fought earlier. While Raymond and Meursalt were walking toward the Arab, Raymond was thinking on how he could start the fight, also asking Meursalt for suggestions. Raymond still walking toward Arab said to Meursalt, "so ill call him something and when he answers back ill let him have it, I answered right". Meursalt and Raymond's decision on what to do with he Arab were made, and it was not a good decision.

Meursalt didn't care much on what could happened to the Arab, if he could get hurt, or even killed. Meursalt made a selfish decision and could had been feeling mad, becouse of the death of his mother,Meursalt is mostly careless because of his emotions. Meursalt's emotions based on his mother's death made him careless and a little more evil.

The narrator shows that humans can really be careless based on decisions, and that also strong emotions can impact on how you might react to pressure, and how someone would make there decision. Albert Camus uses Meursalt'se decision and also feelings to demonstrate the readers how these feelings and decision can be important and be affect in our lives.

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