Thursday, September 30, 2010

Landscape with the fall of Icarus

In the Poem "Landescape with the fall of Icarus" By William Carlos Williams, Williams demonstrates a short of distraction or wondering off. In the poem Williams starts of by talking about when Icarus felt, he said that when Icarus had fallen it was spring. William C.W starts to describe spring, and what was going on during that day and it seems the he drifted off into talking about how the spring day was, rather than keep explaining how Icarus fell and why he fell, and i think that he does that meaningfully to show us to show the readers purpose. Another reason is toward the end of the poem when he tells us that "of the coast there was a splash quite unnoticed " showing us that the fall of Icarus was unnoticed, just like how the poem is read.

In the Painting "Landscape with the fall of Icarus" by Brueghel Also shows no one noticing that Icarus had fallen and that he was dying. In the Painting it shows us lots of the setting , the painting is bright, sunny, the tress are fully leaved, but if you really pay attention to the painting very hidden you will see a person upside down in the sea drowning, and that suppose to be Icarus. The painting also shows us distraction, because it show every one doing there own thing during the beautiful spring day, but no one noticed Icarus falling to his death.

In the Story of "Daedalus and Icarus'' by Ovid Metamorphoses, the author makes a more detailed story of Icarus. In the Story "Daedalus and and Icarus", Ovid M. tells us the story from another point of view that had more focused on Icarus, he describes where Icarus was, and how he fell in more details.

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